By Car

If you are traveling from the direction of Zagreb and Split, drive on the highway all the way to Ploče, then on the main road to the Pelješac bridge. After getting off the bridge, drive west for about 15 minutes on the Pelješac road to Janjina.
Another option is to take the highway all the way to Ploče. From Ploče to Trpanj, board the ferry with your car. After 
disbarking in Trpaanj, you will reach Janjina in 20 minutes.
If you do not prefer to take the ferry, or the bridge, after getting off the highway, drive about 30 minutes to the Jadranska magistrala, and drive east through Neum to the turn to Pelješac. On the Pelješac road, you need about half the time to drive to Janjina.

By Plane

If you are coming from a larger European city, the airport in Dubrovnik is your best choice because you can get to Janjina very quickly from Dubrovnik. From the airport, it is possible to transfer to the Dubrovnik bus station from where you can take a bus to Orebić, Ston, Janjina, or Trpanj. You can also use rent-a-car or taxi transportation.
The second airport is Split, which is about 100 km from Janjina. From the airport, join the highway towards Dubrovnik, and use the directions for arriving by car.

By boat

Ship lines connect Italy and Dubrovnik, or Split and Italy.


By bus

Janjina is connected to Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Sarajevo with bus lines.

Zagreb Bus Station
Arriva bus
Libertas Dubrovnik

TZO Janjina
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