Privacy Policy

The Digital Visit Janjina Platform comprises the website and mobile website version.

The Visit Janjina website and mobile website version are jointly referred to hereinafter as the “Platform”.

Please read our Privacy Policy carefully before using the Platform.

The Janjina Tourist Board recognises, appreciates, complies with and defends your right to privacy, and, as such, has published this Privacy Policy, which rules on the collection and use of personal information via the Platform.

On using the Platform you agree to the collection and use of your personal information by the same, provided this is done in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You should access this Privacy Policy on a regular basis to ensure you are familiar with any amendments. If you are in doubt in relation to the Privacy Policy, you may contact us here. If you disagree with this Privacy Policy, you are not authorized to use the Platform and should exit immediately.

Collection of personal information

Non-registered users may only use the features of the Platform which do not require the user to be registered, whereby the following information is collected in relation to unregistered users of the Platform:

    IP address;
    Google Analytics;
    Interaction with external social networks and platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Google+;

Registered users are entitled to use all the features of the Platform, whereby the following information on registered users of the Platform is collected, in addition to that mentioned previously:

    Personal information in the form of data inserted manually by the user, such as, for example, name, nationality, date of birth, interests, start and end date of the trip and people accompanying the user on the trip;
    Facebook likes and interests;
    Activities conducted and places visited (the places the user visits in person and the length of the stay);
    Date of the use of the different features of the Platform;
    Activities chosen / planned via the Platform;
    Activities scheduled / reserved via the Platform, date of scheduling / reservation and the date on which the activity was conducted;
    Use of the different features of the Platform and the activities chosen.

Use of the personal information

Users´ personal information is used to help users to plan their trips, obtain suggestions (tips on experiences and suggested itineraries) and to manage the activities they have decided to conduct, improving and enriching their experience of visiting Janjina.

The Platform also uses users´ personal information for unnamed statistical processing with a view to the production of statistical reports, studies and analyses, with no way of individually identifying the users whatsoever. This processing of data and the development of models based on this information may be conducted by external suppliers.

The Janjina Tourist Board does not provide the personal information collected from users of the Platform to any third parties in any manner whatsoever, neither free of charge nor in return for payment.

The statistical reports, studies and analyses produced based on the information collected by the Platform may be provided to third parties with no way of individually identifying the users whatsoever, either free of charge or in return for payment.

In the event the Janjina Tourist Board is legally obliged to cooperate with the legal or administrative authorities and is required to disclose the personal information of users of the Platform, it shall only provide the information requested or that which is justified within the scope of the judicial or administrative process. Users´ personal information may also be provided to the official authorities within the scope of a judicial or administrative process if this proves necessary in order to eliminate or reduce the criminal or civil liability of the Janjina Tourist Board or is to useful in the defence of its rights.

The Janjina Tourist Board has adopted security procedures to protect the personal information supplied by users of the Platform. Procedures are implemented to protect the personal information stored against unauthorised access, such as passwords and HTTPS security certificates, as well as technical and organisational measures to prevent the unauthorised or illegal processing of personal information and against the loss or destruction, including when accidental, of the same. The Janjina Tourist Board cannot guarantee the total security of the personal information supplied by users of the Platform.

The Platform is designed to be used by adults only, whereby in the event a person of under 18 years of age inserts personal information on the Platform this will only be used to contact this person directly to inform him/her that minors are not allowed to use the Platform.

You should use the settings in your personal account on the Platform to check and change the personal information supplied via the Platform user registration procedure, specifically to update or to correct incorrect data.

The Janjina Tourist Board reserves the right to alter this Privacy Policy at any time and at its sole discretion, whenever deemed necessary. If the alterations to the Privacy Policy seriously affect the personal information already obtained from the users of the Platform, the Janjina Tourist Board will take the measures it regards as reasonable and appropriate to notify these users of the changes to the Privacy Policy and off the option to alter or cancel their registration on the Platform.

This Privacy policy applies equally to the website, and mobile website version comprising the digital Visit Janjina platform.


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